Database Tracking

     The database captures assignment data and automatically organizes each day's workload. The system, developed from our extensive first-hand knowledge of the requirements for advanced automated administrative systems to properly support temporary Emergency Response Operations, concentrates workload assignments for each work crew into set geographic areas and generates maps and associated travel plans to minimize travel time between claim assignments, thus maximizing the production efficiency of every work crew.

     The database uses technology from geographic information systems (GIS) to identify work locations and create daily travel/zone maps.  The system also creates the ability to produces daily production reports, real time claim status reports, invoice and payment reports, and event overview reports.

Emergency Temporary Roof Repairs for Homes /Buildings:

  • Hurricane Charley: $16,560,980.00

  • Hurricane Frances:  $5,301,032.32

  • Hurricane Ivan:  $5,396,393.30

  • Hurricane Wilma:  $14,461,053.59