Based on accumulated experience and knowledge gained through previous temporary blue roof contracts with the Federal Government, EEI performs a significant number of pre-storm activities in anticipation of deployment following a contract award.

     For example, as a disastrous storm advances toward the United States Eastern Coast Line, EEI's Corporate Office identifies and secures warehouse facilities within projected target areas. Utilizing existing trucking resources, EEI will coordinate the shipment of four weeks' worth of initial blue roof materials from our main storage facility to these secured warehouse facilities.  This enables EEI to  'hit the ground running' immediately upon arrival; without losing valuable time securing warehouse facilities and finding potentially scarce materials as a result of the natural disaster.
​     Enfield Enterprises, Inc. also has an Emergency Response Agreement with the Traveler's Insurance Company to provide their policy holders tree removal services and temporary blue tarp roofing within days immediately following a natural disaster.  Based on this agreement, EEI anticipates being a first responder to most disaster relief areas and actively working prior to the initiation of the Blue Roof Program utilized by USACE/FEMA.