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Enfield Enterprises, Inc.’s – Safety Mission Statement:


At Enfield Enterprises, Inc., we are committed to continually providing, developing, and maintaining a safe and healthy working environment for all employees.  This statement of policy reflects the importance we place on an accident-free work environment.


To achieve our commitment, everyone must share the responsibility for safety.  Safety on the job requires active participation by Management, all Employees and Subcontractors.  Our Safety Program is designed to create an atmosphere where getting hurt on the job is an unacceptable event.  The ultimate goal of the Safety Program is have ZERO ACCIDENTS.


Our Supervisors, Employees and Subcontractors must do their share to ensure the success of our Safety and Loss Control Programs.  This includes development and follow-up of all programs and procedures in order to ensure that safe working conditions and practices exist, and that all safety regulations are met or exceeded.  Management at all levels is responsible for the safety of their employees, equipment, job-sites, and facilities, which are under their control.


It is the responsibility of every employee of Enfield Enterprises, Inc. and our Subcontractors to work and act in a safe manner.  This means reporting any unsafe or hazardous conditions to their Supervisor and following all safety rules and regulations, as well as applying safety training.  Enfield Enterprises, Inc. requires that all employees and subcontractors have a minimum OSHA – 10 Hour Safety Training and supervisors have OSHA – 30 Hour Safety Training.  In addition, employees must follow all safety procedures and approach work with a safety first attitude.  Workers must wear proper personal protective equipment and follow all fall protection requirements.


Every employee has an obligation to help reduce injury exposures.  We are all part of the solution.  By running our operation in a manner that prevents accidental losses from occurring, we help our organization and everyone in it to grow and prosper.  Everyone must do their part to help us reach our safety mission goals and to maintain or better our Worker’s Compensation Modification Rating.



Project Specific – Accident Prevention Plan


In addition to the Corporate Safety & Loss Control Program, Enfield Enterprises, Inc. also develops and submits a site specific Accident Prevention Plan to the Client or owner for review and approval.  The Accident Prevention Plan is developed to heighten project awareness and promote project safety.  Items addressed in an Accident Prevention Plan include:


  • Facility Security Restriction/Regulations

  • Environmental issues, restrictions or concerns

  • Activity Hazard Analysis of all Project “Definable Features of Work” and Proper Safety Procedures

  • Infectious Control Policies & Procedures

  • Emergency Medical Information & Response Procedures

  • Fire Department Notification/Contact Information & Proper Evacuation Procedures

  • Accident Reporting Procedures & Policies

  • Weekly Tool Box Talks


Enfield Enterprises, Inc. developed its Corporate Safety & Loss Control Program and Site Specific Accident Prevention Plans in compliance with OHSA Standards and the USACE – EM 385-1-1.   




Enfield Enterprises, Inc. – Experience Modification Rating:


        Effective Date:                                                                 EMR Rating:

        08/25/2013 – 08/25/2014                                                              0.90

        08/25/2012 – 08/25/2013                                                              0.88

        08/25/2011 – 08/25/2012                                                              0.80

        08/25/2010 – 08/25/2011                                                              0.78

        08/25/2009 – 08/25/2010                                                              0.79

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