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Enfield Enterprises, Inc.’s Project Managers are trained in Microsoft Project to create construction project schedules. Project Managers will first develop their project schedule in Microsoft Project utilizing their construction experience and input from project subcontractors. Once a rough draft of the schedule is completed, it will be sent to all project subcontractors for their final review and comments. After receiving subcontractor comments, EEI Project Managers will make all necessary revisions to the project schedule and submit this Finalized Critical Path Method (CPM) Schedule to the Client for final review and approval. By identifying the projects critical path and creating project milestones to include: the review & approval of submittal data, release of material orders, and tracking material lead times, EEI’s Project Managers are better equipped to track construction progress and ensure on time completion. EEI Project Managers and Project Superintendents will review the project schedule on a weekly basis to ensure positive construction progress and forecast potential project issues.


EEI’s Corporate Safety Officer will review the approved schedule to identify “High Risk Work Activities” and ensure proper safety equipment is used and safety procedures are followed. The project schedules will be updated by Project Managers on a weekly basis and distributed to the Project Superintendent and all subcontractors. The project schedule will be a major topic of discussion at all Weekly Project Meeting to ensure proper coordination and communication with the Client. By ensuring the proper coordination of material orders, material deliveries, and constantly monitoring the construction progress, EEI’s Project Management Team is able to deliver smoothly run projects that are completed in a timely fashion. EEI has found that proper development of the CPM Project Schedule is essential in planning, scheduling and running large scale construction projects.

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